Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sayonara Serena!

Due to my niggling anxieties about copy right infringement, I am in the process of changing the label over to my own name. This means from now onwards (aside from a few shoots yet to be released that were shot previously to this decision being made) SERENA van der WOODSEN will now be known as Charlotte Webb. It's a little scary being out from behind an alias but honestly I'm just not creative enough/too lazy to think of anything else that I feel like I won't start hating tomorrow. Plus let's face it, Serena is kind of a pain.
So I'll be seeing all of you who don't read this here and here.
And I can be contacted at


PS. Please vote for me for the General Pants Bubble Competition ( I realise it's more costume-y than fashion design but y'know close enough and maybe if I win I'll make some real fashion?)

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