Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Good afternoon Upper-East-Siders(Everybody),

After receiving so much positive feedback through Myspace, I thought I'd begin a blog as a way of further sharing and involving people in the design/manufacturing process. Keeping things somewhat interactive has been an enjoyable and informative experience for me and seemingly for "You" also and I figure a blog is a more comprehensive and lasting means than just posting the occasional bulletin as it allows people browse and comment whenever the feeling strikes them.

Also the wet weather and my lack of driving ability leaves my busted sewing machine and I at home bored outta my brains until a kindly relative takes pity on me and takes me to Nick the sewing machine guy to get it fixed. (Nick has been in the game a long time and knows just everything you could ever need to know about sewing machines plus his shop is in Footscrazy which is really close by. So if your sewing machine ever breaks, Nick's your guy)

The rains died down now so I'm going to take this opportunity to escape for a bit but I'll be back later with fabric samples and other nice things for you to mull over.


P.S. Almost a whole month in, Autumn has finally decided to front up with some nice cold weather and now I can actually start wearing my leggings again! : )

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