Friday, March 28, 2008


I got my sewing machine back off Nick today so I can finally do something with the mountain of fabric and half made leggings that is now higher than my desk. I also got a bunch of twin needles off him for $5.60 each(!!!!...this is really cheap compared to the $10 plus you have to fork out for them at places like lincraft and spot light, a pricey expense when I break them more frequently than I break my nails.)
Here's some pictures of some of the new fabric I've got, except for the the cream acrylic I think I'm going to cut a new pattern and do these all as stirrup leggings.

cream wooly acrylic

black sheer with raised felt-feel rose print

black lycra with honey comb gold holographic print

there's a bit more but I can't be bothered with that now.

the pattern grading for the stirrup leggings is different to the normal ones and it's really annoying because it means they're not as fitted and kind of look more like pants, which I think kind of works with the gold ones but not so much for the rest. so there's another set-back already, I have to make the patterns waaaaay smaller so they'll actually fit how they're meant to.

anyhow, back to work,


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